I am for capital punishment, if only for these people. They have betrayed us, and they will continue to betray us.

After 2010 (hopefully when we have a new president, but I know I am dreaming), then we will restore the death penalty. And those who voted (see list below) for dismissing the impeachment complaint should be lined up in Luneta and shot in the head.


That is a great insult to Rizal. These people doesn't even deserve the gas chamber, that is too humane. They need to be cut into pieces and fed to the crocodiles. But I am not sure if the crocs will take them, even animals have taste you know. And these politicians do stench to the bones.

Are you represented by any of these bastards (and this is a very kind word for them)? Shame on you! Shame on you for not doing anything. Shame on Iloilo! I am ashamed of being Ilonggo, 4 of those who voted for dismissal are from Iloilo.

To all Ilonggos, are you proud of the people representing you? You have betrayed this country once by allowing yourself to be used by GMA in the last election (I am not sure if she cheated her way in Iloilo, or she was really voted by a lot of Ilonggos - but either way, it's disgusting! I am not sure which of the 2 is more disgusting!) and now look at what your "elected" officials are doing in your behalf. Will you vote for them again, if there will be an election indeed?

Prove to the world that Ilonggos are wise people. Dump these stupid offcials!

Now, check out this listing from Inquirer and see for yourself how you voted (because they represent you, unless you express your opposition otherwise):

Against Dismissing the Complaint
1. Minority Leader and San Juan Ronaldo Zamora
2. Deputy Minority Leader and Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo
3. Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza
4. Bayan Muna Rep. Teodoro Casiño
5. Bukidnon Rep. Teofisto Guingona
6. Makati Rep. Mar-Len Binay
7. Parañaque Rep. Rufus Rodriguez
8. South Cotabato Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio

For the Dismissal of the Complaint
1. Capiz Rep. Fredenil Castro
2. Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman
3. Baguio City Rep. Mauricio Domogan
4. Negros Oriental Rep. George Arnaiz
5. Iloilo Rep. Raul Gonzalez
6. Cebu Rep. Pablo John Garcia
7. Cebu Rep. Antonio Cuenco
8. Antique Rep. Exequiel Javier
9. Apec Rep. Edgar Valdez
10. Bohol Rep. Edgardo Chatto
11. Lanao del Sur Rep. Faysah Dumarpa
12. Leyte Rep. Eufrocino Codilla
13. Zamboanga Sibugay Rep. Belma Cabilao
14. Ifugao Rep. Solomon Chungalao
15. Zamboanga del Sur Rep. Antonio Cerilles
16. Masbate Rep. Rizalina Seachon Lanete
17. Sulu Rep. Munir Arbison
18. Bohol Rep. Roberto Cajes
19. Tawi Tawi Rep. Nur Jaafar
20. La Union Rep. Victor Ortega
21. Lanao del Sur Rep. Pangalian Balindong
22. Romblon Rep. Eleandro Madrona
23. Isabela Rep. Giorgido Aggabao
24. Cebu Rep. Eduardo Gullas
25. Quirino Rep. Junie Cua
26. Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga
27. Surigao del Norte Rep. Francisco Matugas
28. Sultan Kudarat Rep. Arnulfo Go
29. Manila Rep. Theresa Bonoan-David
30. Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas
31. Parañaque Rep. Eduardo Zialcita
32. Cebu Rep. Raul del Mar
33. Maguindanao Rep. Simeon Datumanong
34. Cebu Rep. Pablo Garcia
35. Iloilo Rep. Arthur Defensor
36. Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin
37. Quezon City Rep. Bingbong Crisologo
38. Misamis Occidental Rep. Herminia Ramiro
39. Bukidnon Rep. Candido Pancrudo
40. Manila Rep. Zenaida Angping
41. Negros Occidental Rep. Alfredo Maranon (for Occidental Mindoro Rep. Amelita Villarosa)
42. Agusan Del Norte Rep. Jose Aquino

Today, the Committee on Justice of the Philippine's House of Representative's dismissed the impeachment complaint against GMA as insufficient in substance.

(You may read the news here.)

The vote was 42-8. What the hell????

Only a stupid person would think GMA is not guilty of any of the crimes enumerated in the complaint. Oh, I forgot. Maybe they are all stupid.

The report will now be forwarded to the plenary for adoption or rejection. Now we know that majority of the Committee on Justice members are stupid. Next, we will know if the entire House is composed of stupid people.

I believe only one third of the plenary is needed to transmit the complaint to the Senate. I hope this will not be reduced to a mere numbers game. Please, write your congressmen.

And finally, I would like to share this insight. With the allegations of 500,000 that was given to each of the congressmen, one is tempted to say "Mga buwaya talaga sila."

But my friends, I agree with my friends from the Crocodile Conservation in Isabela:  
It is a great injustice to the crocodiles!

A comment from one of my posts, which I think is very important:

Last year, European government leaders agreed to a 30% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Now, with the downturn in the economy, that deal is under threat and they are offering a 20% percent reduction.

As a result, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund through the coordination of the Climate Action Network (CAN) formed the campaign Time to Lead . Time to Lead is a movement that urges European citizens and organisations to act by contacting local legislators and issuing support of the 30 percent reduction in Europe’s own carbon emissions by 2020. Citizens act by joining the ‘call to action’ at http://www.timetolead.eu/.

On 2008, the first Future Leaders of Asia Forum was held on January 17-19 at the Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines, with the theme, "Social Entrepreneurship: Developing a New Generation of Asian Leaders." It was a project under the Ateneo School of Government, the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation, and Ashoka, which aimed to gather young leaders from different Asian countries to form a network of social entrepreneurs after being introduced to the concept. The participants were also encouraged to create their own social enterprises.

One of the successful participants was Mian Alampay. She was one of the winners of the Make It Happen! 1st Ateneo de Manila University Social Entrepreneurship Busines Plan Writing Competition that was launched during the first FLAF. Mian founded the Bright Kids Learning Center, which teaches basic arts and crafts to kids in Batasan Hills Elementary School.

Once again, on 2009, there shall be a second Future Leaders of Asia Forum, which will gather the country's top young leaders to introduce to them social entrepreneurship and to encourage them to start their own in their localities.

The Forum's goal is to inculcate in the minds of the young leaders that social problems can be solved in more innovative and creative ways aside from the traditional dole-out projects which are not sustainable. It also aims to empower the youth by reminding them that as early as now, they can already contribute greatly to create significant and meaningful change that can benefit the less privileged.

Recognizing the need of a sustainable environment for the future generations, the 2009 Forum's theme shall be "Social Entrepreneurship: Employing Innovations in Pursuit of Environmental Sustainability." The aim is to find out how social enterprises can creatively help promote and secure the Earth's environmental sustainability.


For more information on how to apply, please visit the website: www.ateneoflaf.com

Thank you very much!

The FLAF Secretariat Team
Ateneo School of Government (ASoG)
G/F CSP Building, Social Development Complex
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
1108 Philippines

Email Address: flaf2009@gmail.com
Landline and Fax Number: +63-2-4265657

Contact Persons:
- For local applicants and participants, you may directly contact Ms. Steph Cuevas through this number: +63-927-7559992
- For international applicants and participants, you may directly contact Mr. Tadashi Zialcita through this number: +63-927-7559993

October 31, 2008


Dear Mr. Grate,

This is further to our acknowledgement email. Thank you for your patience in awaiting our reply. On behalf of Philippine Airlines, please allow us to express our sincerest regrets for the inconveniences caused you when you visited our Cubao ticket office.

Initially, we were truly disheartened to know of the reported experience from a valued passenger. Definitely, we at Philippine Airlines, do not tolerate any acts of discourtesy, rudeness, and arrogance from employees whom we expect to be the finest in passenger care. With regard to your concern on the operating hours and availability of our ticket offices, please allow us to explain that we have 7 ticket offices located within the Metro Manila area. These are the Makati ticket office, Century Park Hotel ticket office, Cubao ticket office, Padre Faura ticket office located PAL Data Center Bldg. ticket office located on airport road, PNB ticket office located in Macapagal avenue, and the NAIA II ticket office. All our ticket offices are open from Mondays to Fridays 8AM to 5PM and 8AM to 12NN on Saturdays. Our NAIA II ticket office is open from 2AM up to 10PM 7 days a week. Nevertheless, you will appreciate to know that we have since brought your feedback on the handling by our staff and the operating hours of our ticket offices, to the attention of the offices concerned for whatever necessary corrective actions.

We are sorry to learn that our on-line booking service impressed you unfavorably. Please allow us to explain, that some of the advertised rates may have been limited and purchased by other passengers already. We can only hope, to gain your understanding.

Mr. Grate, thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you. We sincerely appreciate this gesture. Contrary to the unfavorable turn of events, we still hope for another chance to restore your confidence in our service.

Very truly yours,

Customer Management Officer
Customer Relations


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