Copy of budget proposal. Photo by Grace Bandoy
A visit to Baguio will show you that the City of Pines has lost its charm. And it's easy to see why. Mayor Mauricio Domogan has sold the city's soul to the highest bidder - one of them is Henry Sy of SM.

When concerned residents of Baguio were up in arms against SM's plan to cut/earth-ball more than a hundred pine trees to give way for the construction of a parking lot, Mayor Domogan was  their only chance to have the proposal blocked after the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) indicated it was outside their mandate given that the concerned trees were on a private property.

But they were told not to hold their hopes high. The Mayor has been paid Sixty Million Pesos (PhP 60,000,000) to approve the project, they alleged.

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A search of Jack Enrile on Google produces some interesting suggestions.
I've only heard of Jack Enrile's role in the death of Alfie Anido and Ernest Lucas from news reports, and while these continue to be a "he said, she said" scenario, there is one story I've heard that I have no reason to doubt. While discussing the upcoming election with my dad, me mentioned there  is one candidate he would never vote for.

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