Two seconds from impact, and all I can think of is "Is this it?" 

I was at peace.

A few minutes after 12 noon today, July 24, 2011, as I was riding a jeepney from Katipunan to UP, I was looking at a white L300 van going on full speed towards the jeep I was riding as we were making a left turn towards UP.

Then it was all a blur. Sounds of metal hitting each other, aluminum twisting and glass breaking. It was as if time stood still for a brief moment. I remember being thrown on the floor, a hand or an elbow hit my left eye, and I felt weight on top of me.

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Below is a compilation of statements and documents related to the child abuse incident on the March 12, 2011 episode of the show Willing Willie by Mr. Willie Revillame on TV5.

In the said episode, also posted on YouTube (now deleted) , a six-year-old boy named Mike (not his real name) was shown dancing “ala-macho dancer," much to the delight of the host and the studio audience. As seen in the video, however, the boy was clearly distressed and humiliated by the said experience as evidenced by his crying while supposedly “entertaining” Mr. Revillame and his audience.

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Last July 8, 2011, I met with the representatives of Unilever Philippines to discuss what they have done and what they plan to do in the coming weeks with regards to protecting the rights of children (and women) as contestants and viewers of live game shows on Philippine TV. The points discussed during this meeting is summarized in their recent statement. (Click here to read their statement.)

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with this story, allow me to share some of the highlights:
(Note: A complete timeline can be found on this GMA News piece.

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On April 8, Unilever, in response to the issue on children appearing in live game shows programs, has taken the following measures:

1.    Temporarily withdrew its ad placement in all live game shows across all networks
2.    Together with PANA, led a review of the current TV guidelines involving children in top 3 TV networks

Prompted by Unilever’s action, PANA lead discussions with top advertisers, TV Networks and the KBP and came up with a list of recommendations on  program content involving children focused on 3 critical concerns : exposure to violence, appearance and involvement in situations and activities not appropriate to children and use of offensive language. PANA has submitted this to the KBP and to the top TV stations for their respective action. 

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This incident happened four years ago, July 2, 2007.  I am re-posting this to remind myself, and again share with everyone, the lesson that I have learned from this experience. 


By Froilan Grate
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:25:00 08/18/2009

I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it was all happening. The fellow behind me told me to go up the stairs. When I reached the second floor, the other guy pulled out something from his pocket and pointed it at my face. A gun.

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