How Jack Enrile almost killed my father

A search of Jack Enrile on Google produces some interesting suggestions.
I've only heard of Jack Enrile's role in the death of Alfie Anido and Ernest Lucas from news reports, and while these continue to be a "he said, she said" scenario, there is one story I've heard that I have no reason to doubt. While discussing the upcoming election with my dad, me mentioned there  is one candidate he would never vote for.

About 30 years ago, while waiting for his papers to work abroad, my dad was working  as a security guard at an exclusive subdivision in Greenhills.  One time, a new car approached the gate. Since he did not recognize the car, and there was no valid sticker visible, he did not immediately open the gate to let the car through.

One of the passengers got off the car, pointed a gun at my father, and shouted "Putang ina, di mo ba ako kilala?"

My dad recognized him, he is feared in the neighborhood. His name is Jack Enrile, and he is running for senator in this election. My dad tried to explain that it was the car that he did not recognize since it was new and there was no valid sticker. Jack would have none of it and he continued shouting at my dad and at the same time pointing a gun at my father.

Good thing Jack was with a friend who persuaded him to put down the gun and just go back to the car. This friend is also a senator now but I will not name him, for the simple reason that like Jack Enrile, this person does not deserve to be a senator.

Yes, this was 30 years ago. And people change. But this just shows you what he is capable when he is in the position of power. This man does not deserve to be elected as a senator.

I have struggled whether to share this information or not. They are still an influential family. They could still harm my family. With seven days until the election, I realized this is something that I have to do. If anything happens, the world knows.

Patuloy na umiibig sa Pilipinas,
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