GMA and my capacity to hate

I've been hurt for so many times, and yet I hate no one. I initially thought I am not capable of hating anyone. Be angry yes, often in fact. But hate? No way!

We might fight today, but next week, I won't even remember what we fought about.

That is until there is GMA. You have to give it to her. Even the most Christian among us would find it hard not to see all the evil deeds that she has done. From stealing our votes, corrupting our bishops, buying our governors and mayors, killing our journalists and those in the opposition, desecrating our constitution, selling our land to the Japanese (JPEPA), stealing from public funds (duh, as if this has to be mentioned), abusing our very basic human rights, to telling us that she is the best person to lead this country! The list is endless. And these are the general ones. Of course, we have the macapagal boulevard, NAIA 3, north rail, ZTE, etc!

How the other 80 million great Filipinos were not insulted when she said that she is the beast, the best I mean, person to lead this country is beyond me. I wanted to puke when I heard it!

I was initially sorry that I wasn't able to join EDSA 2 (because I was in the province) but now I am just glad I wasn't part of those who put her in power. Of course, I'm not blaming those who went to EDSA 2. I'm sure they all had good intentions, except probably for GMA and her cronies.

Who could have known that the Vice President that was so silent until it was sure that Erap will be ousted did make her stand and offer herself as an alternative. The nerve!

At least, Erap was elected. In a democracy, you deserve the leaders that you elect. But in GMA's case, she rigged the elections and stole the vote (Hello, Garci? I am sorry...), we do not deserve anything that she could give us.

She is not my president. And God will understand me for hating GMA with all that I am. Anyway, I have no desire of killing her. That would be too nice and easy. Yes, she doesn't deserve the death penalty - she's far too worst than that.

What could be worst than living until you're 80, inside a solitary cell, with 80 million Filipinos hating you?

You tell me.


  1. I could almost feel the angst there. Hehe. For all the things she has done, she has to repent over and over again. and again. and again.

  2. Haha! You really do check out my blogs hehe... my lone fan lol...



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